The Tale of the Wolf and the Seven Goats

  Once upon a time, a mother goat and seven little goats lived in those green lands that started in a sieve of straw where the forest ended. The mother goat loves her 7 little goats. He always tried to protect them. Mother Goat, whose house is very close to the forest, was constantly watching her cubs, knowing that she was a treacherous wolf living in the forest. One day, the mother goat decided to go to the forest to find something to eat for her cubs, as there was not much left to eat at home. However, because of the treacherous wolf, he kept thinking about what he could do, as he did not have the heart to leave his cubs alone at home. As night fell, an idea came to his mind. He immediately gathered his cubs around him and said to them, “My babies, when morning comes, I will go to the forest to find food for you. But I am also afraid that something bad will happen to you. That's why I want you to promise me that you will do nothing but tell you." she said. When